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Good Africa safari was founded in 2018 by Managing Director Moison Abraham, who worked for years as a tour guide and driver. Moison is thrilled to share his love for the landscapes, people, and animals of his beloved Tanzania and his passion consistently earns Moison and his team industry awards.Everything we do in Good Africa Safaris is designed not only to maintain the highest standards of operating efficiency and customer care but also to build on our achievements in an effort to be the very best destination management Company in Tanzania.

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The African Savannah is home to some of the most breathtaking sceneries, with an abundance

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Get in touch and share your idea of a wild adventure. Let us do what we do best and help turn your vision into reality on your Tailor Made Safaris Tanzania. Whether you want to add more time in the endless plains of The Serengeti, or spend relaxing days soaking up the sun on the white sands of Zanzibar, you can combine any of our Tanzania Safari Packages or adjust them to suit your needs. You may have thought of something completely different and want our advice on how to make your ideas come to life. Our experienced and passionate team are always excited to showcase our beautiful country in the perfect way for you, and are on hand to help you plan this amazing Tanzania Tailor Made Safari adventure. Karibu Kenya! (Welcome to Kenya)

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Yago G
Yago G
La mejor experiencia posible Pudimos viajar con Moison y en esta ocasión le acompañó Ramadhan. La experiencia de Moison con los conocimientos de Ramadhan hicieron que los 3 días de Safari fuesen una de las mejores experiencias que hemos tenido. Tuvimos mucha suerte y vimos a todos los animales y en muchos casos con sus crías. Moison siempre tenía una gran intuición y una gran agilidad sobre el terreno para llevarnos al punto donde estaban los animales y además su trato funex emocional. Si tenéis la posibilidad de ir con él, de verdad, no lo dudéis.
Highly experienced guide Highly recommend Moison as an experienced, friendly, organised and experienced guide. We took a 5 day trip with him a couple years ago and it he provided fascinating insight into the flora and fauna of Tanzania and the Serengeti.
Safari trip of a lifetime with Moison! My wife and I travelled with Moison to Tanzania on a private, 16 day safari. We had the absolute time of our lives and that was in no small part to Moison. He was so knowledgeable, kind and patient throughout our entire trip. There were numerous times when my wife and I would request to stop and watch elephants or giraffes for the 100th time and he had no hesitation in stopping for us and allowing us to watch for as long as wanted. His years of experience and knowledge also played a major role in making our Safari a complete success because he was always able to share so much information with us and always seemed to know exactly where to be to see the most wildlife possible. Would recommend Moison to anyone and everyone looking to have an unforgettable Safari adventure!
Jackie N
Jackie N
This was an extraordinary safari in Africa & an forgettable memory ❤️😁😍 It was my days of break when I was in Africa this was when I met with my friends who had been already to Safari in Tanzania, they seen a lot of attractions that amazed them, then they told me that they had been in Safari travelling with the natives of the Tanzania company called Good Africa Safari, then I got in touch with them , to be honest I was very happy from the time I was picked up from the airport, I received all the services I had needed with the tour guider driver Moison. Moison took me to my hotel and the following day I began Seven Days Safari visiting Wildlife Parks and with his quality of experience, he was able to show me all big five and all other animals and got very nice accommodations and I loved them all. I am looking forward to return to Tanzania next August with my families as I had a wonderful time on trip and want them to experience the same. I highly recommend Good Africa Safari to any visitors families or any traveler who desires to go to Safari holiday with this Company as they are knowledgeable guides and good office team! I thanks Good African Safari for made my dreams to come true visiting Tanzania’Wildlife Parks. Good Africa Safari created a remarkable experience and Moison, again thanks very much for all your arrangements and your entire company
Stellar and exciting I was initially reluctant to take a safari in Tanzania but am so happy I was convinced to do so. Moison is an amazing guide, informative, reliable and enjoyable to be around for the 5 day trip we took through the Serengetti and the surrounding attractions. I would absolutely recommend this, his new venture.
If you want an amazing safari experience, book this one! We did a safari with Moisin back in November 2021 and wow, what an experience. Moisin is extremely knowledgeable on both birds and wildlife, very diligent in ensuring you are happy with your experience (he always checked when we were ready to move on from a place or a photo opportunity), he was devoted to finding wildlife we were keen to see and he was an absolute joy to be around. He smiled his way through the 9 days with us, was jovial and made the long days fun and we were so sad to say goodbye. The safari itself was amazing - we went to Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorogoro Crater. We would always recommend adding on a trip to Zanzibar too. The hospitality we experience was out of this world and we can't wait to come back!